Saturday, 15 June 2013

[13/06/2013] Boo Shi at Bowerbird.

The week prior to Thursday, I received a message from my good friend and recurring client Sonya from Boo Shi Floral Couture, letting me know that a floral feature was being installed for Bowerbird Event - a charity fashion show and auction in which all proceeds go to the Red Cross - and inviting me along. Having never attended a fashion show or anything of the sort before, this was both an exciting and completely nerve-wracking idea,  but the suggestion of a friend to keep me company soon put my mind at ease. I couldn't resist dragging along Elise, one of my favourite models, to be my moral support (and photographic subject). 

After arriving at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Elise and I made our way up to the fifth floor before the doors opened to the public. Sonya pointed out Boo Shi's installations to me before I ran off to photograph the room being set up, the live artists getting started on their pieces and the models doing their test walk.

 I fangirled so hard when I realised that Madeline Rae Mason [left] was walking. Don't look at me. 
The girls from Boo Shi admiring their work. 
Elise and I claimed the runway when the models finished up their practice. She was in suitable attire, I couldn't stop myself.
Elise, post cheese-tray raid. 
The lovely creative director Jessie McNaught [left] with Amie Jones [right].
We soon ventured down into the foyer where the crowds had formed to photograph the stalls, Elise bringing her trusty wine glass. 
The hugely talented Fernando Aragones, whom I enjoyed the existence of very much. (I have a few more photos of you if you want them, Fernando.)
The incredibly talented Brigitte May drawing with a photograph of Madeline as a reference, the finished product destined for the silent auction. 
The minutes leading up to the show.
Girls, I have additional photographs of all of you if you would like them. 

A big thank you, and congratulations to everyone involved in making this event happen. Such a worthwhile cause, you should all be so proud. 

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  1. a massive thank you Kaitlyn Slocombe Photography for coming along to capture this special event - you are one amazing talent and we cannot wait to see what you do next lv Boo Shi xxxx